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Coopers Beer Kits

General Kit Information

Approximate Yield: 500mL x 46 bottles

Coopers is the world's best selling beer kit. It is reknowned for its quality. Coopers comes in a full range of beer kits that includes aggressive Aussie style beer kits as well as a wide range of international beer kits. This ubiquitious kit has been a favourite for decades and is one of the few kits made by an actual brewery. Enjoy!

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Coopers Australian Bitter

Weight - 1.7kg, Colour - 70EBC, Bitterness - 495IBU

Much lighter in colour and the tiniest bit less bitter than its English cousin, this premium beer is a true blue salute to great Aussie bitter.

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Coopers Australian Pale Ale

Weight - 1.7kg, Colour - 90EBC, Bitterness - 340IBU

The closest a brewer can get to the famed Coopers Original Pale Ale – crisp bitterness balanced with fruity and floral characters making a compellingly flavoured beer for all occasions.

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Coopers Classic Dark Ale

Weight - 1.7kg, Colour - 650EBC, Bitterness - 590IBU

A generous mouthfeel dominated by roasted malt flavours, wrapped up in a rich mahogany colour and capped off with a creamy head.

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Coopers English Bitter

Weight - 1.7kg, Colour - 420EBC, Bitterness - 590IBU, Aroma Hop-Styrian Golding.

A coppery-brown colour with hues of red, a creamy head, floral aroma and a blend of toasty-sweet malt flavours that'll have you transported back to the early 1800s. By eck, it's grand.

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Coopers European Lager

Weight - 1.7kg, Colour - 90EBC, Bitterness - 340IBU, Aroma Hop - European Blend Top Note

Capturing the style and essence of the very fine lagers exported from Northern Europe.

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Coopers India Pale Ale

Weight - 1.7kg, Colour - 230EBC, Bitterness - 710IBU, Aroma Hop-Styrian Golding

a strong, robust ale with bold malt characters with very high hopping levels. It carries all the hallmarks of a genuine India Pale Ale from the 'Mother Land', just like the one first brewed in 1868 by Coopers.

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Coopers Lager

Weight - 1.7kg, Colour - 90EBC, Bitterness - 390IBU

A true blue Aussie lager with plenty of character. Light to medium palate with subtle malt and hop flavours. A clear finish and inviting golden-straw colour.

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Coopers Pilsner

Weight - 1.7kg, Colour - 70EBC, Bitterness - 420IBU, Aroma Hop – Saaz

Don't let the pale, straw colour fool you. This classic pilsner has a bold, spicy Saaz hop aroma. It's crisp and dry with a cleansing bitterness.

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Coopers Real Ale

Weight - 1.7kg, Colour - 230EBC, Bitterness - 560IBU

Traditional ale like it should be – bright golden colour, strong head, generous mouthfeel and a moderately bitter finish.

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Coopers Stout Dark

Weight - 1.7kg, Colour - 1800EBC, Bitterness - 710IBU

brown with a cappuccino-like, persistent creamy head. Dark and malty with a blend of coffee and chocolate aromas. Bring on winter.